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Vany Extension was born from the passion for the beauty of us women. All of our products are top quality 100% human hair.

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Transform Your Hair with Elegance

If you want luxurious hair full of volume, the best hair extensions are the ideal solution for you. With the natural look and quality of real hair, you can achieve an incredibly realistic and long-lasting look.
Our extensions are made with care and precision, ensuring a perfect match with your hair color and texture. They are available in different lengths and styles, allowing you to customize your look based on your preferences.

Why Choose our Hair Extensions

  1. Natural Look: Human hair extensions blend flawlessly with your natural hair, ensuring a completely authentic look.
  2. Versatility: You can enrich your hair with greater length, volume or highlights without having to wait months for your hair to grow.
  3. Lasting Quality: Real hair retains its beauty over time, allowing you to enjoy a gorgeous look for long periods.
  4. Ease of Use: Extensions are easy to apply and remove, and require minimal maintenance.
  5. Comfortable: Human hair is light and comfortable to wear, allowing you to feel it as an integral part of your natural hair.
    Trust our experience in the hair extensions sector and transform your hairstyle into a work of art. Choose the authentic beauty of real hair and show off a stunning look on every occasion.
Discover our collection of extensions and start experiencing the beauty and versatility they can offer. You won’t have to wait any longer to have the hair of your dreams!
Shop today, you will find the perfect solution for your hair styling needs. Your authentic beauty awaits you with our high-quality extensions.

FAQ Extension

A weave extension is a strand of human or synthetic hair that is sewn or woven into your natural hair to increase the length or density of your hair. This method offers greater stability and durability than other extension application techniques.

Keratin extensions are strands of hair that are applied via an application of warm keratin or wax to adhere to the roots of your natural hair. This method provides a more natural look, but requires more careful maintenance to avoid hair damage.

Double-sided tape extensions are sections of hair that are pre-adhered with double-sided tape and then applied into your natural hair. This method is quick and easy to apply, but requires extra care to prevent the extensions from coming loose.

An extension ponytail is a hair extension that is worn in a ponytail, giving the illusion of having a longer, thicker ponytail. It’s a quick way to get a sleek, glamorous look without having to grow out your hair.

Wigs are head coverings made of human or synthetic hair that are worn to cover the head and natural hair. They are used for aesthetic purposes, to cover hair loss or for various fashion styles. Wigs offer a quick solution to changing your look or covering imperfections.